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Anything is possible. Christina's keynotes are purposeful, honest and real. They are interactive and entertaining. 

Christina has presented and facilitated at Vivid Ideas, SingularityU Australia Summit, Creative Innovation, PCOC and other national and international events. 

Listed are our designed keynotes. Christina's insatiably curious mind means she is always learning and therefore introducing new material, new Xperiences and new ways to work a future we are proud to leave as a legacy for future generations.

Christina designs customised presentations by request.

ExpONEntial - The Road To Infinity

Spirituality or AI? Will we upload consciousness and merge with AI, or is The Singularity our uploading into a collective consciousness? What will it mean to live in an ExpONEntial society? Is ‘one’ a singular or a collective?

Nothing is certain outside our own behaviours and responses. Yet if we look to nature and a grander picture of who we are, we realise we each play our part in an improvisationary whole. In nature, Honey bees have an extraordinary social structure. Each bee has a very defined function within the hive. A honey bee colony is a well-run organisation. And the ocean is made up of immeasurable numbers of singularly powerless droplets.
Together they create a powerful mass that covers over 70% of the planet. The power of one can be dictatorial. Or it can be the collected unity of voices, steering the world to compassion and love.

Will we become a society of singular units, or a collective? Do we exist as individuals or as individuations of a collective whole? Where will you choose to stand?

Celebrating Success On Failure at a Time

To succeed in business, we must change the meaning of the word ‘failure’ – that takes courage. Failure isn’t an end. Rather it is only one step on the path to success and there are many steps required.


Imagine a world where failure was celebrated and the lessons from each step observed, a point from where improvements were made? There would be less stigma attached and a shrinkage of the ‘blame game culture’ that currently exists in businesses and organisations. Imagine a structure where ‘failure’ brought people together to work on the next step towards success?


Imagine what great changes will take place when this rhetoric becomes reality. When the talk, is walked.

Creativity, Innovation and Business 101

Now more than ever businesses need to be in the business of innovating. Often all that is required is a little inspiration to spark incremental, sustainable, disruptive and even destructive innovation.


For businesses to succeed in the 21st century they will require a social conscience, be company culture aware, know exactly what they stand for, be brave, have the courage of their convictions, and operate from body, mind, heart and soul. Emotional intelligence and creativity are imperatives for success.


How can organisations embed innovation into their vibrant and progressive cultures? How will this result in improving the lives of clients and employees, while simultaneously improving the bottom line? How will you positively impact the lives of one million people?

Democratisation, Holocracy & Transformative Purpose - Huh?
  • From Minimal Viable Product to a Mass Transformative Purpose

  • From dependent communities to globalisation

  • From hierarchical business systems to circles of trust and responsibility

  • From regulated finances to demonetisation and

  • From scarcity to abundance

  • From skills based to continuous and agile learning


What does this all mean for the way we currently do business and how might we be doing it in the future?

The I's Behind The Why - Finding Meaning & Creating Impact

After collaborations with Simon Sinek’s Start with Why team, I provide insights for entrepreneurs and organisations to help bring their purpose and intention to life.


Our intent acts as a barometer for every decision we make, every opportunity we accept, every team member we employ. I’ll reveal why discovery is a process that involves deep-dive searching and digging, courage and strength.


As a creativity and innovation specialist, I know that your ‘why’ can act as a benchmark for everything you do. Your ‘why’ provides the inspiration to ignite your vision to life, to come up with ideas that create change. It will be the support that will allow you to stand secure, fall forward and pick yourself up when the going gets tough.

The Science Of Askology - Don't Ask, Don't Get

10 pointers to help you get your business where you want it to be:

  • Success – what’s that look like?

  • Stand secure

  • Create the avatar

  • Invest in yourself

  • Persist

  • It’s all invented

  • Amplify your strengths

  • The elves on your shoulder

  • Dream big

  • Time to act

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