Christina Gerakiteys is a creativity and innovation catalyst.


Her purpose is to open hearts and minds, to inspire impossible to possible. 

As Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia, she is on a mission to educate, empower and inspire leaders to use exponential technologies to solve humanity's grand challenges. 

After colliding with SU Faculty over several years, Christina attended the Executive Program at SingularityU, at NASA Ames, Silicon Valley. In April 2018 she was granted the license to open the first SingularityU Chapter in Australia. SingularityU Australia now produces the SU Australia Global Impact Challenge and the SU Australia Summit.

As Co-CEO of SUAU and Founder of UtopiaX, Christina is a sought-after key-note speaker, facilitator, and program designer, creating interactive educational Xperiences driven by design thinking, purpose, engagement, and play.

Programs offered by UtopiaX disrupt current mindsets to Moonshot thinking, discovering and acting on what is possible rather than what is acceptable, normal or restrictive.

Christina passionately writes and presents business development and innovation programs and workshops. She writes for several publications and speaks regularly on radio about business development and the crucial roles that creativity and innovation play in success. She is a contributor to the award-winning Front-End Innovation blog.

Her depth of knowledge and engaging style have made her a popular presenter at major conferences including SingularityU Australia Summit, Vivid Ideas, Creative Innovation and most recently at the Inspiring Women Leaders Digital Conference in Madrid.

Christina is an active supporter and advocate for several innovation committees, produced the annual Hunter Innovation Festival, and lectures in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 


A self-confessed lifelong learner, Christina is currently undertaking doctorate studies in Creativity and Innovation. 

In 2019 Christina will publish her second book The Multiplier Effect; Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time. 



The Road To Infinity

Spirituality or AI? Will we upload consciousness and merge with AI, or is The Singularity our
uploading into a collective consciousness? What will it mean to live in an ExpONEntial
society? Is ‘one’ a singular or a collective?


The Road To Infinity

Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time

To succeed in business, we must change the meaning of the word ‘failure’ – that

takes courage.


Failure isn’t an end. Rather it is only one step on the path to success and there are many steps required.

Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time

Creativity, Innovation & Business 101

How can organisations embed innovation into their vibrant and progressive cultures? How will this result in improving the lives of clients and employees, while simultaneously improving the bottom line? How will you positively impact the lives of one million people?

Creativity and Innovation and Business 101

The "I"s Behind The WHY - Finding Meaning & Creating Impact

Our intent acts as a barometer for every decision we make, every opportunity we accept, every team member we employ.

I’ll reveal why discovery is a process that involves deep-dive searching and digging, courage and strength.

The "I"s Behind The WHY - Finding Meaning And Creating Impact

Don't Ask Don't Get - The Science Of Askology

10 pointers to help you get your business where you want it to be; 

Success, Stand secure, Create the avatar, Invest in yourself, Persist, It’s all invented, Amplify your strengths and much more!

Don't Ask Don't Get - The Science Of Askology

Democratisation, Holocracy and Transformative Purpose - Huh?

From Minimal Viable Product to a Mass Transformative Purpose and so much more!

What does this all mean for the way we currently do business and how might we be doing it in the future?

Democratisation, Holocracy and Transformative Purpose - Huh?




Creativity & Innovation Catalyst


How it all started

Christina Gerakiteys, Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia, is a catalyst for change with a talent for alchemizing the impossible into the possible.  

An eternal optimist and idealist, Christina’s mission is to inspire and empower leaders to find solutions to humanity’s grand challenges.   Through SingularityU, she seeks to open hearts and minds to the abundant possibilities and hope for humanity presented by exponential technologies.

After attending the Executive Program at SingularityU (NASA Ames, Silicon Valley), Christina opened the first SingularityU Chapter in Australia (SUAU) in April 2018.  SUAU has since launched the SUAU Global Impact Challenge and the SUAU Summit.  Currently in Country Partnership Phase 2, SUAU is on track to becoming fully accredited SU Faculty.

Christina is passionate about experiential learning and is a sought after corporate and university program designer and facilitator, her curriculums driven by design thinking, engagement, purpose and play.  She lectures regularly in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship where she encourages Moonshot Thinking – a disruptive exploration into what is possible rather than settling for current mindsets.  

Christina has worked closely with members of Simon Sinek’s team and created a series of UX workshops and innovation programs based around his ideologies. 

Her engaging style and depth of knowledge, Christina is a popular key-note speaker.  She has presented at the SingularityU Australia Summit, Vivid Ideas and the Creative Innovation and Inspiring Women Leaders Digital Conference in Madrid.  Christina also produces the annual Hunter Innovation Festival.

As founder of UtopiaX, a business focused on creativity and innovation, Christina writes for several publications and is a frequent guest on radio where she speaks on business and the crucial role these factors play in success.  She hosts her own podcast “Inspire for 5”, is a regular contributor to the award winning Front-End Innovation blog and will publish her second book The Multiplier Effect: Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time, in 2019.

Christina is currently writing her PhD in Creativity and Innovation, and is an active supporter and advocate for several innovation committees.  

Second generation Australian, Christina stems from a line of Greek entrepreneurs including her grandfather who arrived in Australia at 15 and left the inspirational legacy of the nations favourite sweets - Violet Crumble and the Choc-Top ice-cream.


Christina is the Founder of UtopiaX

Christina is an Entrepreneurial Futurist and Business Accelerator. Her deep expertise is matched by unrivalled passion. Well respected, and trusted throughout Australia, Christina identified the need for entrepreneurship and innovation leadership twenty years before Australasia. She is a gifted mentor who can future proof your business."

Louise Karch, Author of Namefluence



We are Creativity and Innovation catalysts, inspiring business growth through Xperience.



Christina delivers keynotes that will challenge you to step into your future and dare you to impact the world. 



Each Retreat Xperience is unique and purpose designed. Grow in Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.





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